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Durable, Reliable Rubber Linings Shipped Across South America

Blair Rubber is the industry leader in rubber linings providing durable, reliable rubber linings in Brazil for chemical transport, storage and corrosion protection. Our Brazil sales office provides sales, support and applicator information to companies utiliziing rubber linings across Brazil including: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Recife, Fortaleza, Salvador, Curitiba, and Campinas.

We manufacturer and ship the following linings (click to view more information):

Blair Rubber Company is the manufacturer serving South America that offers a complete line of corrosion resistant rubber linings. We offer industry proven linings across all applications including bleach, phos acid, HCl, water treatment and purification, fgd, mining, and nuclear power plants.

Selecting the correct lining for a particular application is critical to the life of the lining. This is the area where we excel, technical support and lining recommendations. No other protective lining manufacturer can match Blair Rubber's experienced personnel. Complete the form below regarding your application and a member of our Brazil sales office will be in contact with you shortly.


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The following questions are specific to the corrosioN/Abrasion problems that you are experiencing. A complete knowledge of all factors involved will assist us in providing you the best solution.

Process or Operation:

Equipment Involved:

What chemicals are present and what are their concentrations? (Also include and impurities and materials present even though in traces only).

What inorganic acids, salts etc.are present?

What organic solvents such as oils and/or chemicals are present?

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Are then any abrasive materials present?
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If yes, what is:

  1. Nature of abrasive material
  2. Percent of solids
  3. Degree of abrasion (What is present service life of equipment?)
  4. Approximate flow velocity:
  5. Size of particles:

Operating Pressure (psi):

or Vacuum (inches of Mercury?):

Is slight contamination or discoloration of solution objectionable?

Is equipment a welded fabrication or casting?
(if alloy, advise type)

Has this type of equipment been rubber lined before?
If so, advise type of lining and service life obtained


Hardness (Shore A):

Natural or Synthetic:
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Compound of Spec. Number:

Manufacturer of Lining:

Have there been rubber failures in this services?
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If so, were they::
In the Liquid or Vapor phase?
Hardening or Swelling failures?
Caused by abrasion?

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